Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventure ix - The Final Countdown

(doo-doo doo dooo, doo-doo doot-doot-dooo, doo-doo doo dooo, doo-doo doot-doot-doo-doo doo...)

Yes, the 80's hair-band interlude was so necessary.

It seems crazy to think that at this time next week, I'll be moved in to college. It's partially the whole culture-shock of being away from everyone, but more the fact of how on earth I'm going to fit all my stuff into enough boxes to fit in the truck. I've been camping before, so I know how much stuff it takes to sustain a person for a few days, but I'm honestly starting to run out of places to put things.

This week's adventure, along with navigating my birthday (the big 1-8, le gasp!), will be trying to get everything organized enough to bring with me when we leave on Saturday. This should be interesting.

(And in follow-up news from my blood donation extravaganza on Friday, I have a hematoma in my arm. It makes sense, there was a lot of blood going out, and it's not like it'll kill me or anything. The thing that doesn't make sense is the fact that my donation arm is just a bit bruised, and it's my IV arm that has the hematoma. Whatever.)