Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adventure 17 - Drop in Productivity

There are three main causes for this: lack of interest in the activity, a puppy and stinking Thanksgiving Break. Good god. I read a little and that was about it. That's pretty sad, considering I also had a 9-hour bus ride (that turned into an 11-hour bus ride but I'll get to that later).

Last week was just crazy because everyone wanted to see me all at once. In short:

  • Getting home itself was an adventure. 6-hour car ride with a friend to Boston filled with Celtic folk rock and killer barbecue, then a roughly 2-hour ride from his end of the city to where I was meeting my stepdad (in the middle of this is where my boyfriend met me and we had a sushi date on the T and it was awesome), then getting lost in Pawtucket trying to find a place to eat and not getting home til after 11.
  • Sunday I crashed. Too tired to really do anything.
  • Monday I hung out with "the other one"'s ex-boyfriend, who I had met online when the whole polyamory bullshit started but hadn't met in real life 'til then, and we got kicked out of the library for talking too much.
  • Tuesday I had a boy date with one of my guy friends who had recently gone through a bad breakup so we went to Five Guys and saw the 3D Christmas Harold and Kumar movie, plus we accidentally drove into the exit of the movie theater complex which was scary as hell but hilarious.
  • Wednesday I went back to the high school to drop off a magazine to my journalism teacher and say hi to all my other teachers, and it was really cool 'cause they all let me interrupt their classes.
  • Thursday was obviously chaos because it was Thanksgiving, and even though there are only 10 people in my immediate family, we had some extendeds over at my aunt's house so there were 16 but I didn't have to sit at the kids' table so I didn't really care.
  • Friday I hung out with my boyfriend, complete with a trip to a local bookstore, MarioKart and lots of laughing about random things.
  • Saturday was a point of contention between my mom and my dad/gramma because my gramma came out from Washington (state) and is one of those people who expects the world to stop when she visits, so they had a pissing contest over who got to see me, but I got Heath bar pancakes and a new outfit out of the deal so I'm not that concerned.
  • And Sunday was the nonsense of getting back to school. Home to NYC was no problem, but they overbooked my bus back to school so they had to have two, plus we took the really bizarre route through Scranton (even though there was no stop there) and of course the stupid Pennsylvania part is where we hit massive traffic, hence why a trip that was supposed to end at 7:20 didn't end 'til about 9:30.
And during that time, I got nothing done. So now I have 30 pages worth of essays due on the 16th. Hell month, engage.