Monday, April 23, 2012

Adventure 38 - Abnormal

I've lived in New England for almost all of my life, so I've had my fair share of weird weather and was prepared for anything upstate New York could throw at me. But 4+ inches of snow in late April is a little extreme even by my standards.

I guess Mother Nature is trying to make up for the lack of snow here all winter, considering that this is the most accumulation we've seen and may be more snow than all winter combined, but April? Late April? I mean, here I was roasting my ass off in my room on Friday because it was in the 70s (and I had my windows shut because of all the potheads celebrating 4/20), plus it was nice last Monday and a few other times between Spring Break and now. And now here I am talking about how I went outside in my rain boots and bathrobe to see how deep the snow was this morning. (Such a class act, I know.)

Generally the groundskeeping crew is really good about keeping the paths clear, I just hope they can keep it up. I'm already sore from the sword team seminar on Saturday (6 hours of stuff), I don't need to add falling to the list of injuries.