Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adventure 13 - Leaving

Because our school doesn't give us all the fluffy federal holidays off, we get a four-day weekend in October, so I'm spending it in Boston, but I already used the obligatory Dropkick Murphys reference for my day trip to watch the Sox back in July so I won't subject you to that again.

Instead, I subjected my dorm-mates to it.

Today is mostly traveling; my flight to Philly leaves around noon, then I have an hour layover there and an 90-minute flight to Boston. I'll have a lot of time to kill in the city tomorrow, and I'm highly considering going to the Museum of Science because I haven't been there in at least six years and, hello, it's the Museum of Science.

I'm even dressing somewhat respectably, i.e. not in the usual jeans-and-t-shirt that I usually wear.  I'm meeting up with some people so I kinda needed to dress a little nicer, with the exception of my shoes, I had to bring my all-black Converses because my Merrells look really stupid with skirts. In retrospect, wearing Converses to walk around the city all day probably wasn't the best idea, but I'm not exactly full of T money and I need the exercise anyway. Here's to hoping the forecast is correct in saying it won't rain all weekend.