Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adventure 27 - Proof of Importance

Super Bowl Sunday. Pats vs. Giants. Pretty big deal, both here and back home, because the overlapping territory, plus it's standard New York/Boston sports hatred.

As a non-fan, I still don't see the point of the Super Bowl, but now I have proof as to why I shouldn't care. The Dropkick Murphys, being the voice of Boston, have a song about the Red Sox ("Tessie") and the Bruins ("Time to Go"). No song about the Patriots, therefore they are not important.

Besides, I think it is much more worth it to get together for a Super Bowl party that involves soup and The Big Bang Theory. And I can still call it a Super Bowl party, because we are eating soup ("S[o]uper") and we eat soup in bowls ("Bowl"). Thus, S(o)uper Bowl party.

And yes, I do realize that was probably the worst pun in the history of ever. (No worse than the name of my car, Carmine, because she's red, she's a car and she's mine...)

The only problems we've run into are the fact that I was a dumbass and forgot to buy chocolate chips for the chocolate chip bacon cookies (I mean, we could still have bacon cookies and I'm sure they would taste delicious, but I think we need the chocolate chips), and the fact that we ordered food for 3 people and one of them might not be there so now we'll have way too much food. I don't see a problem in the actual having of too much food, but splitting something two ways that was supposed to be three will be a little rough, especially on a college budget that includes not getting paid this past week.

Oh, and the fact that the basement kids aren't letting us use the lounge with the DVD player. Watching movies on a computer is ok with one person, a little problematic with more than that.