Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventure 43 - Packing Up

It doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but I had to give my fridge back to the fridge rental people so I started getting things together. I found a box of all the cards I've received the past two semesters from various family members (including my ex's mom, who is the most awesome ex-mother-in-sortof-law ever). The best cards in terms of sayings are as follows:

(front) I don't just think the world of you, I think the universe of you...
(inside) ...including Jupiter and little ex-planets like Pluto.
(Of course, they should've just said "I think the Solar System of you," but I doubt that would've had quite the same effect.)

(front) Chips without dip. Pretzels without beer. Macaroni without cheese. Bagel without cream cheese. Mashed potatoes without gravy. Me without you.
(inside) Not only do I miss you, but now I'm really hungry.

But my personal favorite is still this birthday card I saw in a grocery store once:
(front) I bet the Angels were smiling the day you were born.
(inside) They came back to beat Detroit 10-9 in the bottom of the ninth with a walk-off grand slam.
(horrible baseball joke but I thought it was great)