Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adventure 35 - Waiting

One would think that Opening Day is pretty well defined. But since this year included half of the teams opening today, two opening yesterday and two opening sometime last week in Japan, I would beg to differ.

At any rate, I'm glad the 2012 season is here. 2011 sucked ass for the Red Sox, and even though this season isn't off to a stellar start considering the injuries and loss of veteran players, I think that they can come back from the suckage of last year. I hope so, anyway. And I won't be able to watch much from school (upstate New York is kinda not New England, so we don't get NESN), but I'll be able to watch from home. Plus now that I got rejected from the RA position, I'll be home for my birthday, which conveniently enough is when the Sox play the Royals at Fenway.

Oh, right, that was the other thing I was waiting on. Getting rejected from the position kinda sucks because the stipend was basically my only way to pay for an internship in Ireland next summer, but I kinda bombed the interview and presentation, the odds were way against me and I get to room between two of my friends.

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