Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adventure 37 - Banned

(Before I start, this new Blogger posting interface is hideous. Not that you readers have to deal with it, but I don't like it.)

But for the actual content, I was thinking today and came up with the post idea of the reasons why I am not allowed to be brought to a restaurant or bar with TVs. I really only came up with one: if sports are on, I'm going to end up watching them and not paying a lot of attention to whoever I'm eating with. Even if it's something I'm not a huge fan of, like basketball or hockey, I'll watch because I'm curious, especially if it's a crazy play or something newsworthy. And if it's baseball, especially games with any of my teams or players, forget it, I'll be eating my dinner with my head turned toward the TV all night.

Two examples of this came up today. My grandparents came up for the weekend and we went out to dinner to a restaurant that had a bar and a TV with the Sox/Yankees game on. I had been receiving occasional updates from a friend who had been watching the game while helping install his friend's TV, and the score was 9-1, Sox, when we got there.

Then FOX switched to the White Sox/Mariners game because the White Sox's pitcher was pitching a perfect game. Forgetting I'm not at home, I start pissing and moaning because even though it's an honor to the pitcher to do this, they totally jinxed the game by doing it. Every good baseball fan knows it's a cardinal sin to talk about a no-hitter or perfect game before it's finished because you'll jinx it. I'm not sure if the announcers actually said anything about it, but they put a little box on the screen saying "Hey, he's pitching a perfect game right now," which is just bad. Turns out it didn't do anything bad 'cause he finished the perfect game, but still. They should know better than that.

We get seated, eat dinner, and as we're leaving, I check the score again. 15-9, Yankees. I fully admit to a very dramatic whine, but I feel it was justified. I know it's only the first month but they have really been sucking lately, and giving up 15 runs is bad enough, let alone 15 unanswered runs. I'd be a horrible fan for deciding not to watch them at all, but one of my guys is injured, another got booted out of the starting position and with this kind of quality, I don't have much to look forward too.

Come on, guys. Shape up.

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