Friday, July 8, 2011

Returning with purpose

Before I start cataloging my pre-college adventures, I'll at least take the time to create a proper introduction. Any good public communicator does, plus with the added incentive of being a journalism student, being able to speak... er, type... clearly is kind of important.

A little bit about myself: other than an aspiring journalist, I enjoy baseball, music and silly hats. I'm an expert of being hidden behind the scenes, having managed for a drama production and two softball teams. As an equal-opportunity heathen, I don't follow any religious beliefs, though I'm always willing to talk and learn about those of others. And I've been told I make a mean barbecue sauce.

Hopefully I'll have enough interesting stories from this summer and the coming months to make a vaguely entertaining blog, but if not, there's always something in the news that I can run commentary on or whatever.

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