Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adventure vii - Stocking Up

As much as it might've sucked in younger years, it actually works out very conveniently to have my birthday at the end of the summer, because anything I might need for the school year doubles as a birthday present.

This year, it worked out especially well because I had my graduation party and birthday party as one conglomerate, so I ended up using most of that money to buy stuff I needed.

Like, for example, the third season of The Big Bang Theory and a fuzzy dragon hat with earflaps and pom-poms.

Anyway... as my room has gotten progressively smaller with the stuff I've accumulated, here is what I've found with having bought so much stuff.

  1. Coupons, coupons, coupons. Stuff adds up very quickly if you're not paying attention. For example, I went to Kohl's earlier in the week. I bought a pair of black pants, two bras and a belt. I needed everything. Everything was on sale. And I still paid over $50 for it. But I also saved over $50. So coupons are your best friend.
  2. On the clothing front, losing weight is both good and bad. Having your pants not be as tight is a nice feeling, but it also means you have to buy new things, especially bras. At this point in the game, they almost don't make them small enough, and oddly enough, the only ones I can find in my size are all blue...
  3. Wholesale places are also your best friend. You get more stuff in less packaging, so that means you can buy even more EasyMac to fill your room with.
  4. Once you're done packing a box or Rubbermaid container or whatever, make sure you have everything inventoried before you close it. Packing is all the same: once you open it up and take stuff out, you will never get it back in again. However, unlike on vacations, you'll generally leave with less stuff than you came with (what with all the food).
  5. Don't go crazy with buying stupid stuff, but allow a little bit of splurging. Graduation (and in my case, also birthday) money should mostly go towards useful things or saved, but there is nothing wrong with buying the aforementioned DVDs and fuzzy hats. They will come in handy, should you get snowed in in the winter.

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