Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adventure 26 - Getting Down to Business

Not to defeat the Huns, though I (mis)quoted that in my journalism research class the other day and now everyone in there probably thinks I'm insane. (Well, between that, my buffalo hat and my decision to want to learn Irish in my spare time.)

Anyway. Since I have been distracted by the first week of the new semester, I figured I'd check in and say hey to prove that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Classes are good, though my first day was scary in terms of homework because my honors professor, who was dull as all get-up, assigned 4-5 pages of writing and 70+ pages of reading the first night. I think it was his ploy to get people out of the class who weren't gonna take it seriously, and it seems to have worked, considering how many people dropped. Luckily, the homework load and his personality improved, so that's all I care about.

Though on the subject of things falling, I made the most gorgeous shortbread cookie today. It was perfectly round and smooth and lightly golden brown and pretty damn awesome. And then this happened.
So pissed.
I had to balance it on one hand to get the door open, and as soon as I stepped into my room, down went the cookie. So if anyone in the building around 8:10 or so heard someone yell "FUCK!", that was me dropping my beautiful cookie. On the plus side, my room smells like shortbread now.

I was also a big girl and went to a concert at a bar last night. Music was good and so were the post-concert cookies I got with my honors "big", but the most exciting part was probably the pizza elevator.
It's that columny thing in the middle with the slots.
Yes, a pizza elevator. Horizontal space is hard to come by in certain parts of the city, so the kitchen is upstairs, and instead of using the stairs (and potentially pulling a me and dumping the food all over the place), they chose to entertain simple-minded people such as myself with a pizza elevator.

'Tis all for now. More updates as something interesting comes along.

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