Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adventure 28 - Obligatory Bitching Day

Also known as Singles' Awareness Day or, my personal favorite, Unimaginative, Consumer-Oriented, and Entirely Arbitrary, Manipulative and Shallow Interpretation of Romance Day.

Idk, I don't get the point. It's a horribly commercialized holiday that centers around something that shouldn't require a special day to celebrate (as demonstrated here). The only good thing that comes out of it is the insane amount of chocolate, but my freezer is already full so I'm kinda SOL on that front.

Also the bag of Conversation Hearts my mom sent me. In an attempt to not sound racist, the pigmented conversation hearts taste weird in my opinion, so she went through a bag or a few boxes or something and sent me a sandwich bag of only the white ones (which taste like mint).

Also also the condom roses our school VOX chapter is selling this week. I have no use for one, but they are fantastic.

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