Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventure 29 - All Over the Place

This is obviously overdue, but I had a 4-page paper and a 2-page article due this week, so this is the best you're going to get.

I made another trip up to Boston for the weekend. I even *le gasp!* skipped class on Friday to go, but I front-loaded my week, so I only missed one class and it wasn't really a big deal. Naturally, the weather gods decided to mess me up yet again, and my 4:35 flight to Newark didn't leave til 6, but the ticketing people gave me a ticket for the 8 o'clock flight to Boston so I wouldn't miss my connection, which was nice. I swear, I can't travel by myself without something going wrong, but compared to last time (and when I flew back home from Washington through Minneapolis right after the bridge collapse 4 years ago...), this was nothing.

The trip went way too quickly, though it doesn't help that I slept in 'til 10 most mornings. We had sushi and stir fry and waffles and egg sandwiches from Bruegger's and pasta in the North End, and I got to walk through Harvard and Somerville and up to Prospect Hill, which I had never been to.

I also took a few pictures, though 4 out of the 13 were of the Citgo sign. Come on, it was right there and I had to.

I didn't run into too many problems while I was there. The main one I had was the sleep deprivation; my boyfriend had a project to do so I helped him out, but that meant staying up til 2am doing research on the MBTA commuter rail lines, plus I toss and turn when I sleep, so sharing a twin bed with someone else who also tosses and turns in their sleep is not conducive to sleeping.

The other one was ... well, technically it was an accident, but he bought tickets to bring the other one to go see Emilie Autumn on Sunday, and my flight didn't leave until 8:45 when the concert was at 6. So it was really awkward having him get all gussied up beforehand, but I was good and brought him to the T station so he could get to Back Bay to pick her up.

The good part that came out of this is that even though my boyfriend felt shitty for doing this to me, his roommate was really mad at him, so instead of having me sit in Qdoba and mope until my flight, he and a few of the other guys on the floor took me to Chipotle to make up for it. It was awesome, both because I have the best boyfriend's roommate ever, and because I had never been to Chipotle before and it was delicious.

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