Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventure 33 - Out and About

It's been freakishly nice the past few days. I'm talking mid 70s, sunny, great breeze, so definitely not standard March fare. But due to my uncanny ability to sunburn at the drop of a hat, I've stayed in quarantine for most of it. Today, however, I decided that homework could wait and that I wanted to go for a walk, so I grabbed a friend from the floor above me and we walked around campus to enjoy the weather. It was around 4 so most danger of me getting fried was gone, so we walked from one end of the academic buildings to the other (they're in a line for the most part), around the back and back towards the center, sat in front of the science building and BSed for a while, walked to the chapel pond and discovered that there were fish in it.

I kinda figured there were fish in it, but the only time I've gone to the pond was back in October, so I was really excited. I grabbed a stick from a nearby tree and tried to see how deep the water was (the stick wasn't long enough), and then we just decided to pester the fish. It was extremely immature but it was fun to just lay on the dock and BS and poke fish.

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