Monday, October 1, 2012

Adventure 51 - Navigating the Interwebs

Yes, I know how to navigate the Internet. I meant in terms of the dating scene.

As mentioned in the post eons ago, I made my way onto OkCupid and met some people. The first guy, who had originally intended to date me, decided he didn't have the time he felt he needed to dedicate to me, and the friends with benefits thing got old, so that's out. The other guy I've become good friends with, but I attempted to make a move on him and made a complete ass out of myself, so that's on the back burner if anything amounts from it at all. My ex even tried to be nice and say that I'll find the right person eventually.

In the meantime, I had changed my settings on OKC to look for penpals because I like talking to people, and I have two friends in particular that I talk to on a far too regular basis; one is in Australia, the other in New Zealand. I've stayed up far too late and have almost been late to far too many classes, but the two of them are just fantastic. And it turns out they both have an interest in me.

Long story short, I did find the right person. Two of them, nonetheless. They're just on the other fucking side of the planet.


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