Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventure 45 - Back Home

I've been home for almost a week and I'm still not completely unpacked just yet. The important stuff is.

I still have a bit before I start my internship (and before you get excited, it has nothing to do with journalism, but I'm getting paid 12 bucks an hour full-time to be the office bitch and I really need the money), but in the mean time, I am extremely bored. I spent a good portion of the other night looking up knitting patterns. I made shortbread flowers for a friend who is in a show I'm seeing tomorrow night. I'm making dinner tonight. I might be going to the high school later for the softball senior night, and I went to their game on Monday (they won, which was the first time they had beaten that team in 7 years, and I got hugs from everyone, so it was a win-win).

I know I'll be kicking myself later for saying this, but I'm so bored!

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